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Sunny_DeeeLight's Journal
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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
1:13 pm
follows the crowd....baaaaaa
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Current Mood: bouncy
Sunday, November 30th, 2003
10:40 am
Happy Birthday Dissolved_Girl (my stinkeh sister :P) hope u have a great day old baggage :P will be seeing ya soon :)))) YaY xmas at home :D!:D!:D! can't wait!!!!!!

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
6:52 pm

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Current Mood: amused
Friday, June 13th, 2003
10:41 pm
again i know its early but.......i wanna wish a
Happy birthday to a very special person poggs
Hope u have a good one poggle :D
/me nuggle

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, June 12th, 2003
2:16 pm
i gotta say......... I am loving this site http://www.onmc.iinet.net.au/UK/uk80.htm heh
am downloading enough cheesy 80's tunes now *reminding me of my childhood* rahhhh sometimes its so cool to be a child of the 80's :P

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
11:08 pm
Happpppppppy Birthdayyyyyyyy :D :D :D
i know its very early but i wanna be one of the 1st to say.......
Happy Birthday crazybee
Mwah! *hugs & Licks* to my special friend :)) i dunno what i would do without ya sometimes mate :D lub yewwwwwww

Current Mood: bouncy
2:09 pm
Friday, June 6th, 2003
6:03 pm
I know its a bit late butttttt..... I have just got back from manchester was there for the night :) sOOOoO Happy Birthday girliebomb hope u have had a great day and have fun tomorrow Mwah!!!!!!

Current Mood: thirsty
Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
6:30 pm
Another good day :) woke up reasonably early and thought hrm is nice out i ain't gonna stay in the flat so off i went into town to have a nosey round :) did a lil bit of shopping and went into work to see if claire wanted to have lunch, she did so we went for lunch had a yummeh jacket spud with tuna *drools* and chatted was nice :)afterwards walked about a lil more and headed home to do some exciting house work heh just chilling out now i think gonna have a thunder storm its gone dark yay!! i like storms
wonder if anything good is on tv tonight i feel to veg out :)
heheh at last weebl & bob are amusing again \o/

Current Mood: hyper
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
9:18 pm
Today has been fun :) woke up pretty early and went into town to meet claire before catching the train into manchester.Spent a productive day shoppppppppping heh got meself a couple of very nice summer tops and girlie things from various shops :) Had lunch gossiped non-stop :) is nice to have a girlie gossip away from work am lucky i get along with my boss outside of work too huh :P (claire is mah boss btw)got home about 5pm not done an awful lot since watched some tv,showered, made dinner that kinda thing. Am now chilling out might have an early night gonna take a walk into town tomorrow pick up a few bits & bobs before thursday when i go to stay over my friends house gonna have girlie night drinks chat etc should be fun :)thursday gonna be busy thou i got a hair appointment before traveling to my friends house. Friday hrm who knows i have the option of going for a meal with blokie's ex staff or go pub with my mate Mark hrm decisions, decisions heh

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, June 1st, 2003
11:12 am
DooOm Dooom Dooom!!! >:)
Stolen from girliebomb and many others :)


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Current Mood: hot
10:50 am
I have fallen foul to that dreaded tummeh bug everyone seems to have had lately :(
have been up most of the night with my hat in mah hands so to speak ;/ isn't nice at all
today is a glorious day thou *looks out window* but way too bloody humid :P mustn't grumble prolly pee it down all this week cos i am off *nods*
I have no plans today i wanna go out do something but the way mah tummeh is right now i do not wanna risk it :( so stay home it is i guess which isn't too bad really i could do with a do absolutely bugger all day :)

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, May 31st, 2003
5:41 pm
Helllllllllllooooooo ppl :) well its been ages since i updated so thought i'd let ya know i am still alive :D just been so busy with work its crazy no staff so means more work for meh :( and boss only has another week left before she leaves lucky i have 6 days off now \o/ when i go back gonna be madness but can't be helped and i'll be recieving a yummeh big bonus and pay rise thou :D guess it makes up for the crap i'll be getting there pffft *not*
My gorgeous sister visited last weekend which was good fun although i kinda ruined it by having a bad day on sat bleh i been over doing it not resting but then i have only been having sunday's off for the past gawd knows how many weeks so it kinda all got on top of meh was like a blubbering mess but am fine now YaY!!! i am really looking forward to this week off though :) haven't got many plans just chill out am off shopping in manchester on tuesday with claire have lunch, a few drinkies that kinda thing ,maybes get mah barnet cut again weds only had it cut like 4 weeks ago is growing so damn fast ;/ and am going to visit a good mate of mine on thursday night prolly stop over so that should be fun :) would have liked to have gone home for a few days visit the rents but gotta be in work on sat bleh never mind not got another hols planned till sept and thats for mah cousin's wedding so i best make the most of it :) OoOo today i am in a suprisingly good mood :D prolly the thought of 6 blissful lazy days ahead of meh :D :D :D :D

Current Mood: bouncy
10:31 am
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*giggles* Julie hunnie we have to run away together now *winks*

Current Mood: ditzy
Monday, April 14th, 2003
7:30 pm
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aww look am a cute lil pussy ;) *Purrs*

Current Mood: bouncy
7:23 pm
DoOom DooOm DoOOm Woah oh woah oh ;)
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Current Mood: bouncy
7:00 pm
went back to work today (oh joy pfffft) was hard going i could have slept longer this morning i just couldn't open my eyes or lift my over sized body out of the bed ;/
was a long day i tell ya very busy :| blokie met me from work an we trawled round somerfield got a few goodies then walked up that bastard hill home heh :P
have cooked the dinner and had my lovely hot radox shower so am gonna veg for rest of the night MmM TV ....Internet.....Chocolate heheh :)
Tomorrow am lucky enough to only do a short morning shift at work its claire's day off and vicky is in town so we all meeting up for a pub lunch and gossip which i am really looking forward to :) Vicky is hugeeeeeee now bless considering she is a skinny lil bird normally hehe she popped in today and showed me her 2nd scan pic *goes all broody* i can't believe i was so right back at xmas when she told me she was preggers i said its gonna be a girl :P and it is :D talk about witch powers hahaha i also told my other m8 beth back when she 1st found out she was preggers its a boy and it is LOL i am spooky haha :)i have to stop getting all broody damn it hehe i was like vickieeeeeeeee disney store must get baby stuff hehe she thinks i am mad (i am so not :P)
anyways i got a few more *late* birthday cards today (as i was down home on my birthday)
from all the girls at work i got a card which said :
If God Was A Woman!!
*Chocolate would not be fattening >>>> MMMmM yes if only ;)
*The'Communal changing room' would not exist>>>> not that bothered about that one tbh :P
*Men Would Find Cellulite Sexy>>>>> U mean they don't LOLOL j/k
*Chips would be a health food>>>> chips hrm i'd prefer chinese to be a health food ;x
*Clothes shopping would be a religion>>>>Nah i'd be bloody skint all the time :D
*Brad Pitt would have 3 million clones all of them'easy'>>> Hrm brad is alright i guess but i could think of some other guys i'd much prefer clones of ;)
*Men would give birth & babies would be massive>>>> Haha now we talkin ;)
*Flat Stomachs would be considered disgusting>>> I like this one :D blubber bellies sexy flat tummehs disgusting :D
*There would be gin in the water supply>>>> i'd prefer a vodka supply meself :P

amused me anyways :)

Current Mood: amused
Friday, April 11th, 2003
8:40 pm
well i am back home :) been really lovely seeing my family and i had a lovely birthday :) thanks to all those who remembered and wished me a happy birthday :D am now missing my mum loads :( i hope she looks after herself i hate being so far away i wanna be nearer so i can help out i just hope she doesn't do anything silly and end up back in hospital knowing my mother thou ;/ she a pain in the bum she won't sit still for 5 mins we all been nagging her back home but will she listen?? will she buggery *giggles* i guess i am like her in that way too heheh.
so anyway i am back home met up with poggs before catching my train back north was great seeing him again and we had a good old natter :) while i was on the train back north a friend of mine txt'd askin how i was and when was i coming back home he was getting the train from birmingham to manchester to see his gf for the weekend so i told him to get the 3.15 from birmingham and meet up with me so he did broke my journey up quite well so wasn't so damn bored hehe i arrived back home to be greeted by my baby:)) think he missed me loads hehe had a yummy dinner and relaxing hot shower *sniffs* MmMM strawberry smelling Dee :P time to play around on the pc lovely jubberly 1meg connection *drools*
mwahahaha folks i am well and truly back >:D

Current Mood: relaxed
Sunday, April 6th, 2003
4:43 pm
Been a lovely day today although a bit cloudy and not as sunny as yesterday i woke up at about 10.30 am knackered not sleeping that well took the dog for a long walk over the fields was nice although the footballers took up half the field heh so had to walk right round the edge bleh did some ironing (aren't i the domesticated one? LOL) and then we all went to the hawth inn which is a lovely bar/restauranty type place in town had a yummy meal few glasses of wine and of course had to be done a cab's chocolate explosion *drools* me and my mum shared it cos well its massssssive :) now i am back home with full belly and tired eyes awww must have been the wine heheh
we are all going to a chinese restaurant on thurs for my birthday which will be nice am sure dunno what am gonna do for the rest of the time i am here look after my lovely mum is 1st priorty of course :D but i wanna get some well needed shopping done as well :) my annoying yet lovable sister will be here tomorrow YaY!!! can't wait gonna be so nice to see her i miss the annoying tart loads :P (btw she knows i am joking when i say she is annoying she isn't really :) ) omg i found the worse photo earlier of me and my bro the photo must be about 6 yrs old am alot slimmer and my hair longer and darker was funny hehe would love to be that slim again because i am double the size now :(((

Current Mood: full
Saturday, April 5th, 2003
5:55 pm
What a gorgeous sunny day it is today :) woke up early again bleh and did the house work for me mum then we took the dog for a short walk over the playing fields mum can't walk about as much as she would like so wasn't the usual walk for miles type of dog walk.When we got back we sat about for a bit then decided to go into town..bloody crowded as normal walked about a bit did a little bit of shopping exciting stuff huh came home and sat in the garden.is nice being home i get spoilt mwahahaha tomorrow we all going out for sunday lunch *droooools* pub grub heh am looking forward to monday as well as my sis is coming down YaY!!! not seen her since november so gonna be good we gotta share a room as well haha be like when we were kids again....argh!!!!!! :) since my brother is back home too gonna be crazy :P
Hrm am missing my blokie loads *sniffs* hate being apart from him soppy ain't i? hehe gonna be my first birthday in 5yrs without him as well *lil sad face* awww sympathy everyone pls :P least am home end of week so we can make up for it *wink* ;x
right time to make some dinner and sit in the garden again & play with the dog nutter that she is

Current Mood: content
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